RASTAPAD Technology Solutions was established after more than twenty years of activity of its managers and specialists in the country’s industries since 1998, and with the subject of “design, manufacture and supply of internal and external parts and equipment of industries” was registered in the Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office.

With the aim of responding to the growing need of the country’s industry to provide new solutions and in accordance with international standards, the company brings together a group of companies with high technical and financial capacity in the form of consortia and attract efficient and expert specialists in the technical engineering company Avaran Rastapad and has been able to play its role in the implementation of industrial projects in a desirable and distinctive quality.

متریال هندلینگ


Our four-year vision of leading the field of engineering services, construction and implementation throughout Iran and the region in the field of mining, steel, oil, gas, petrochemical and glass industries, in accordance with national and international standards and creating business and capital opportunities Investment in the supply of industrial services and products in domestic and foreign markets.

Our Mission

At RASTAPAD Technology Solutions, our mission is to adopt research and development-based approaches to localize industrial technologies, meritocracy around knowledge, experience, skills and culture with the aim of organizational excellence and productivity, development of partnerships and internal and inter-communications. We know the international community in order to promote competitive advantage and achieve strategic partnerships.

Steel plant